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Sunday, August 13th 2006

9:24 AM

Press Release

The Federation


Plymouth & District

Ex Services Association


Press Release


The Federation of Plymouth & District Ex Services Association celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year.  The main responsibility of the Federation is to co-ordinate and produces the annual Festival of Remembrance each year.  It does so without funding from any other organisation or agency whatsoever, with the exception of the Lottery Fund which contributed to the 2004 Festival.


This year’s  Festival will take place on Friday the 10th November 2006 at the Plymouth Pavilions commencing at 1900 hrs (7.00. pm)  All ticketing regardless of seating location within the Pavilions is priced at £6.00  available through the Box Office at the Pavilions.  Telephone number 229922.  Tickets will be on a first come basis.  There is provision for disabled categories.


In conjunction with the production of the Festival of Remembrance we support all functions and ceremonies of the Ex Service Associations within the Federation by paying a Public Liability Premium for 9 parades for its associated members this year.  It is hoped to continue with this provision so that Plymouth does not lose any of our Ex Services parades and commemorative functions in which we honour the memory of those who gave their lives in the Defence of our country, both servicemen and civilians alike.


The Federation has to seek funding to continue to promote Ex Service Associations and the Festival of Remembrance each year.  The format of this years Festival will move to a more dramatic sponsorship than in the past and I hope that the public of Plymouth will support The Federation of Plymouth & District Ex Services Association in their endeavour to keep our annual Festival of Remembrance as a special day in the lives of the people of Plymouth.


Next year we will ensure that a Veterans Day (27th June each year) is recognised in Plymouth and not like this year when it passed unnoticed.


T M Browne


The Federation of Plymouth & District   Ex Services Association.

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Tuesday, January 10th 2006

8:14 AM

Forth service recognised alongside service personnel

The Merchant Mariners have notifed the Federation in Plymouth that all Merchant Seafarers who served in the Merchant Navy and fishing fleets during WW11 and afterwards up to the 31st December 1954. Will be issued with the MOD Veterans Badge with a difference, the under secretary of state for defence and the MOD Veterans Policy Unit has agreed that the Veterans badge can be superimposed upon the Red Ensign. This design recognises and applauds the unique place that the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets, being classed as civilian organisations, have with the HM Armed Forces and the importance of the Merchant Navy and the Fishing Fleets in WW11 and conflicts since.

Ingeneral terms the badge will be available to all those who served in the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets, full details of qualifing service and entitlement will be circulated when the badges are available in about two months time.If you think you quilify please contact Ron Carter on 01752816288

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Wednesday, November 30th 2005

5:00 AM

Standards & Events

Tel : 01752 261646                                                                                                                                


E-Mail: jim@paterson1513.fsnet.co.uk                                                                                                    PL4 9LE



 STANDARD PROGRAMME FOR 2006                                                                                                      


31 Dec 2005           1100  Wreath laying Ford Park Cemetery Lt G HINCKLEY VC RN

then at the Conservative Club


5, 12, 19, 26 Feb    1000  Standard Bearers Instruction, Sea Cadet H Q Bridgewater Somerset


04 Mar                    1100  No 4 Area RNA Standard Bearers Competition CTCRM LYMPSTONE


14 May                   1000  Atlantic Sunday Parade.  Council House march to Barbican


11 Jun                     1015  WEYMOUTH Veterans Parade


26 Aug                             NAVY DAYS  Details when known


03 Sep                              MERCHANT NAVY National Day


Oct                                    PLYMOUTH Branch R N A  60th Anniversary.  Re-Dedicate

Standard St Andrews.  Details                                                 when known        



Branch Ceremonial Officer


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Saturday, November 26th 2005

5:32 AM

New Army Unit formed

25 October 2005 [made available for publication 24th November 2005]

From: General Sir Kevin O'Donoghue KCB CBE
Colonel of The Regiment


You will be aware of the Army Board’s initial decision on 16 December 2004 to split the RGBW back into its prior parts and across two separate Infantry Divisions.  We won that argument and the Army Board agreed that the RGBW would merge with the Devonshire & Dorset Regiment (D&D) to form the 1st Bn Light Infantry.  As part of the transition, we became the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry on 22 July 2005.  I am now writing to tell you that we have decided to form a new regiment, consisting of The Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry, The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry, The Light Infantry and The Royal Green Jackets.  Subject to the approval of the Army Board and Royal assent, the new regiment will be formed in 2007 and will consist of five regular and two TA battalions.  It will be called The RIFLES; it would be for Her Majesty The Queen to decide whether the regiment should be granted the title “Royal”.

RGBWLI and the DDLI will form 1st Bn The Rifles [1RIFLES] based at Chepstow, the other battalions will be based as follows:

·        2nd Bn The Rifles - Ballykinler

·        3rd Bn The Rifles - Edinburgh

·        4th Bn The Rifles - Bulford

·        5th Bn The Rifles - Paderborn

·        6th Bn The Rifles - TA battalion, with HQ in Exeter

·        7th Bn The Rifles - TA battalion, with HQ likely to be in Brock Barracks in Reading

The cap badge of The Rifles will be a Light Infantry style Bugle, and the Back Badge will be carried forward into the new regiment and worn on No 1 Dress Hats of all battalions; we will continue to argue to wear the Back Badge on all forms of dress.

Despite our preference, to be consistent with Rifle history, the Rifles will not have Colours.  Battle honours will be incorporated in a Maltese Cross, inscribed with representational honours from the four founding Regiments, to be worn on the Cross Belt (officers) or Belt Buckles (soldiers) as appropriate.

The Rifles will have a single Colonel Commandant – a senior serving officer.  He will appoint Deputy Colonels Commandant to assist him in his duties in respect of the battalions and counties.  There will be a Deputy Colonel Commandant specifically for RGBWLI and our four counties.

Regimental Headquarters of The Rifles will be at Winchester.  However, The Rifles will continue to have a number of outstations, including Gloucester and Salisbury; thus, the formation of the new regiment is likely to have little effect on our museums – the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum, and the RGBW Museum at The Wardrobe in Salisbury will continue to be the homes of our heritage.

We shall continue to maintain close links with our counties, cities and towns; the ending of arms-plotting will mean that 1RIFLES will be based at Chepstow when not on operations.  However all soldiers currently serving with 1RGBWLI, if they wish, may find a place in any of the regiment’s battalions.  With regular battalions based at both Chepstow and Bulford, we will be able to provide close support to our TA battalions, affiliated ACF detachments and CCF contingents.

The Regimental Association will, in due course, be part of a much larger association.  It is hoped that branches in the same town or city will attend each other’s functions, but change will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.  We will retain our branch standards which will continue to be of great importance in carrying forward our heritage.

The future is clear; we are now set on course to merge with 1DDLI in Chepstow in 2007 to form 1RIFLES.  We have the opportunity to take with us into the new regiment, the professionalism and excellence that has made the RGBW so successful in the last few years, whether on operations or in sports.  Much work needs to be done to sort out the detail, but I am confident that our excellence will be carried forward into the 1st Bn The Rifles, and that all who serve in The RIFLES will have an even greater opportunity for a rewarding, fulfilling, and enjoyable career.

Colonel of the Regiment






Earlier this year, the Regimental Council agreed to support the Army Board’s desire for the Infantry to reorganise into large Regiments.  The Council met most recently to consider the implications of the decisions made at the meeting of the Colonels of the Light Division on Wednesday 19th October 2005.  The Council’s views were as follows:


§       Strongly supported the creation of a large regiment to be called The RIFLES.

§       Welcomed the retention of strong links with our Counties and the appointment of a Deputy Colonel Commandant for Gloucestershire, Bristol, Berkshire and Wiltshire.

§       Welcomed the recent appointment of Lt Col David Brown, RGBWLI to be the first Commanding Officer of 1RIFLES to be based in Chepstow on its formation in 2007.

§       Welcomed the decision to wear the Back Badge across the new regiment on No 1 Dress Hats but urged the Colonel of the Regiment to continue to argue for the Back Badge to be worn on all forms of dress within all battalions of The RIFLES, and affiliated Cadet detachments.

§       Argued for the Brandywine Flash to be incorporated into the uniform of The RIFLES.

§       Noted with disappointment that The RIFLES would not carry Colours; however, it was recognised that Colours would not be compatible with the new regiment which is to be founded on a Light/Rifle regiment ethos.

§       Acknowledged that the Regimental Headquarters of the new regiment would be in Winchester, but welcomed that Gloucester and Salisbury would be outstations.

§       Stressed the importance of the continued support of the Branches and members of our Regimental Association.

The Regimental Council recognised that the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire & Wiltshire Light Infantry was but one element of the new regiment.  This made it difficult for our negotiating teams to carry the day on many things that we held to be important.

Finally, the Regimental Council acknowledged that there was much still to be done.  The RGBWLI Future Working Group will be consulting and making recommendations to the Colonel of the Regiment on such matters as customs and traditions, dress and the implementation plan over the coming months.


 The RIFLES will consist of seven battalions, five regular and two TA, comprising The Devonshire & Dorset Light Infantry,  The Light Infantry, The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire & Wiltshire Light Infantry,  and The Royal Green Jackets.



1RIFLES will be formed from The Devonshire & Dorset Light Infantry and The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire & Wiltshire Light Infantry.



This is vital as members of the TA, ACF, and CCF rarely wear any head dress other than berets.




Formation of The Rifles - Regt Council response 3 Nov 05



BY Lt Col (retd) Rob Dixon OBE 
(Gloucester Citizen 23rrd Nov 05)

The news that the Back Badge is to be retained in some form by the new regiment ‘The Rifles’ is arguably better than nothing although I have heard some old Glosters stating that they would prefer to see the old regiment put to bed completely rather than watch this slow lingering death by a thousand cuts. This reaction is understandable in view of the dismay felt at how disgracefully this government has treated its armed forces and how supine have been the senior officers in accepting this treatment.

However the war memorials around this great County are testament to the sacrifices that have been made by all our servicemen and particularly in this area by The Glosters and now sadly their successor regiment The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment . As we remember them we should have a determination to keep alive that regimental spirit that helped to sustain them in times of great hardship and danger. Those times have not disappeared. It is in fact more difficult than ever to sustain morale when the Army has to undertake operations that are seen as pointless and unnecessary by perhaps a majority of their fellow citizens. It is in these sort of operations that a closely knit regiment finds succour within itself. It may be because that regiment
wears a red beret or it may be because that regiment wears a Back Badge and recruits from a particular part of the country. All infantry regiments have, or used to have, their own particular tribal ethos that bound them together. And let no one lose sight of the fact that it is the poor bloody infantry that always bears the hardest brunt and usually wins through to deliver the ultimate victory. No other corps or arm has to put up with such discomfort, distress and danger for so long in a campaign.

That is why this latest reorganisation of the infantry is so dangerous. It is diluting that essential esprit de corps of a regiment that is very difficult to define, impossible to quantify in financial terms, but is a living breathing organism that sustains in difficult days of so called peace and is invaluable in war. It does not exist on its own, it has to be nurtured by good leaders of all ranks, but it is there to draw on when the going gets tough.

It would appear that little more can be done to change the minds of politicians who sleep peacefully at night while their cash strapped armed forces patrol the dangerous backstreets, deserts and mountains in Iraq and Afghanistan. The tiny size of our over stretched armed forces will ensure that within a few weeks of returning from one deployment they will be off on another. No amount of re-organisation can counter these hard facts.

So what is to be done. We must build on the fact that one battalion of The Rifles will have its home base at Chepstow when not on operations. The fight for at least this battalion to wear the Back Badge on the beret must continue. But perhaps more importantly than anything we must ensure that the ethos of The Back Badge lives on in the County so that the Regiment and its County remain intrinsically linked. Otherwise there is a danger that the Back Badge becomes a mere military trinket if not linked to the men of Gloucestershire who won it in the first place and sustained it since, always supported sometimes in the most difficult of circumstances by their wives, girlfriends and families. To achieve this the Regiment is considering approaching some enduring institutions in the County to see if they will support this initiative, which should be seen as a living memorial to the spirit of The Glosters that can go on to inspire young men and women from the County. The Citizen has gallantly agreed to support this initiative and views from all who value the traditions of Gloucestershire will be welcomed.

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Thursday, November 17th 2005

2:31 AM

Number of Service Personnel


(males age 16-49)

14,607,724 (2005 est.)

Fit for military service
(males age 16-49)

12,046,268 (2005 est.)


Sterling figure


US Dollar figure


Percent of GDP



British Army

Main Battle Tanks

386 Challenger 2

Infantry fighting vehicles

575 Warrior

Armoured Personnel Carriers






Personnel (Regular Army)


Personnel (Territorial Army)


Royal Navy

Ballistic Missile Submarines


Fleet Submarines


Aircraft Carriers


Helicopter Carrier






Patrol boats


Amphibious Assault ships




Survey vessels




Personnel (Regular)


Personnel (Royal Naval Reserve)


Personnel (Royal Marines Reserve)


Royal Fleet Auxiliary



Resupply ships


Tanker/Resupply ships


Aviation training ship


Repair ship


Amphibious Assault ships


Strategic lift vessels


Royal Air Force


942 (including helicopters)



A Complete list of British service personnel from the 1st of January 2005



Regular Reserves


Volunteer Reserves


Cadet Forces


MoD Civilians




Royal Navy

40,160 (includes some 5,500 Royal Marines)

Regular Army

109,850 (trained and untrained but excluding 3,450 Gurkhas)

Royal Air Force


(figures include all trained and untrained personnel)


4 x Vanguard Class submarines each with 16 x Trident (D5) Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBM) deploying with 48 x warheads per submarine. If necessary a D5 missile could deploy with 12 x MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicles). Future plans appear to be for a stockpile of 200 operationally available warheads and 58 missile bodies. Strategic Forces are provided by the Royal Navy.


40,160 personnel

4 x SSBN
11 x Tactical Submarines 
3 x Aircraft Carriers (1 in refit)
11 x Destroyers
20 x Frigates
6 x Amphibious Warfare Vessels
22 x Mine Counter Measures Vessels
5 x Offshore Patrol Craft
18 x Inshore Patrol Craft
1 x Ice Patrol Ship
4 x Survey Vessels
3 x Harrier Squadrons (includes 2 x squadrons assigned to Joint Force Harrier)
9 x Helicopter Squadrons
3 x Royal Marines Commando Groups


x Fleet Tankers
4 x Support Tankers
6 x Fleet Replenishment Ships
1 x Aviation Training Ship
4 x Landing Ships
1 x Forward Repair Ship
6 x Roll-on Roll-off vessels


Merchant Naval Vessels Registered in the UK, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories:

163 x Large Tankers
236 x General Cargo Ships
62 x Refrigerated Cargo Ships
152 x Cellular Container Ships
58 x Ro-Ro Ships
25 x Passenger (Cruise) Ships
8 x Large Tugs

Note: This listing refers to vessels of 500 gross tons and over.


109,850 personnel (excluding some 3,540 Gurkhas)
1 x Corps Headquarters in Germany (ARRC)
1 x Armoured Divisional HQ in Germany
1 x Mechanised Divisional HQ in UK
4 x Divisional/District HQ's in UK
1 x Divisional/District HQ's in Germany
3 x Deployable Combat Brigade HQs in Germany
4 x Deployable Combat Brigade HQs in UK
13 x Regional/Non-deployable Brigade HQs in the UK (includes 2 x Infantry Brigade HQs in Northern Ireland)


52,340 personnel

5 x Strike/Attack Squadrons with 60 x Tornado GR1/4
5 x Offensive Support Squadrons (includes 2 x squadrons in the Joint Force Harrier) with 43 x Harrier GR7/T10 and 22 x Jaguar GR1A/3/3A
4 x Air Defence Squadrons with 70 x Tornado F3
4 x Maritime Patrol Squadrons with 20 x Nimrod MR2
5 x Reconnaissance Squadrons with 24 x Tornado GR1/4A, 12 x Jaguar GR1a/3/3A, 3 x Nimrod R1 and 4 x Canberra
2 x Airborne Early Warning Squadrons with 6 x AEW Sentry
15 x Transport and Tanker Squadrons with 18 x VC10, 8 x Tristar, 51 x Hercules
6 x Support Helicopter  Squadrons with 31 x Chinook, 37 x Puma and 18 x Merlin
2 x Search and Rescue Helicopter Squadrons with 18 x Sea King HAR3/3A
5 x RAF Regiment Surface to Air Missile Squadrons
8 x RAF Regiment Ground  Defence Squadrons
4 x RAF Regiment STO Squadrons


1 x Permanent Joint HQ
1 x Joint Force HQ
Under Command Director Special Forces - 3 x SAS Regiments (including 2 x TA), 4 x Special Boat Squadrons, 1 x Joint NBC Regiment

Joint Helicopter Force
1 x Air Assault Brigade HQ
4 x Royal Navy Helicopter Squadrons with 33 x Sea King HC4, 6 x Lynx AH7 and 8 x Gazelle
6 x Army Air Corps Regiments (including 1 TA) with 116 x Lynx, 113 x Gazelle and 5 x Islanders (67 x Longbow Apache being delivered)
6 x RAF Helicopter Squadrons with 31 x Chinook HC1/2, 37 x Puma and 18 x Merlin

Joint Force Harrier
2 x Royal Navy Squadrons with 17 x Sea Harrier F/a2 and 4 x T4/T8
3 x RAF Squadrons with 40 x Harrier GR7 and 3 x Harrier T10


England and Wales 125,000
Scotland 14,000
Northern Ireland: 11,000


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Thursday, November 17th 2005

2:26 AM

Update on Veterans Badge

Eligibility for Armed Forces Veterans Badge extended

 Monday 14th November 2005

HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge.

Further improvements to honour the UK's war veterans are being put in place, Secretary of State for Defence John Reid announced on Remembrance Sunday.

Eligibility for the popular HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge has been widened to include those who served between the end of the Second World War and 31 December 1954, and those who served in the inter-war years.  Members of the Merchant Navy who took part in military operations during these periods are also now eligible.

Defence Secretary, John Reid said:

"The many heroic acts and sacrifices of our veterans and their families must never be forgotten.  This is why we established the Veterans Badge in the first place.  It has proved enormously popular, with over 100,000 issued to date.

"It has always been our intention that the Veterans Badge will be available to all veterans.  To make the issuing of badges simpler, so far only applications from those who served during the First and Second World Wars have been accepted.

"I am very pleased that from today, fittingly on Remembrance Sunday, I am extending this to include those who served up until the end of 1954 and during the inter-war years."

The free HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge was launched in May 2004 with the intention that it would be made available to all First World War veterans and the Second World War veterans who, under the National Lottery's Heroes Return scheme, travelled back to the battlefronts where they had fought.
Because the badge was so popular, eligibility was quickly extended to include all Second World War veterans and has now been extended again.

Further extensions to the eligibility criteria of the Badge will be announced in due course.

Included in yesterday's announcement are the widow(er)s of those Service personnel whose spouse died as a result of an injury or illness attributable to their military service and who are in receipt of a United Kingdom war widow(er)'s pension.  Applications will of course continue to be accepted from those veterans who served during the First or Second World War and their spouses, as detailed above.

Those wishing to apply for the badge should send their name, address, date of birth, service number, period of serve and theatres of service to:

Veterans Services
Veterans Agency

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Saturday, November 12th 2005

7:28 AM

Festival of Remembrance Youth Parade & Service

Members of the Youth organisations in Plymouth and surrounding districts will be paying there own respects at ST Andrews Church today. The March Royal Parade around ST Andrews Roundabout into ST Andrews Church, these organisations will be carrying the Veterans Associations Standards. Inside ST Andrews a service of remembrance will take place with a wreath laying ceremony at the alter. The parade will muster at the Lord Mayors Parlour from 10.15am.

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Friday, November 11th 2005

5:48 AM

Remembrance 2005 in the Pavilions



                RIGHT HAND ENTRY                                                           LEFT HAND ENTRY


  GROUP B  -  NAVAL ASSOCIATIONS                                   GROUP A  -  ROYAL BRITISH LEGION


1.    R N A PLYMOUTH       2 .   R N A SALTASH                        1.   R B L  PLYMOUTH NO 1                                                                                                      2.   R B L CROWNHILL

3.   SUBMARINERS              4.     ASSOC OF W R N S                    3.   R.B.L. ST.BUDEAUX                                                                                                            4.   R.B.L. BRIXTON                       5.   ROYAL MARINES ASSOC  6.   HMS GANGE5 ASSOC             5.   R B L  IVYBRIDGE                                                                                                          6.   R B L SALTASH

7.   MERCHANT NAVY ASSOC PLYMOUTH                               7.   R B L  TORPOINT                                                                                                              8.  R B L PLYMPTON

8.   ROYAL FLEET AUXILIARY ASSOC                                       9.  R B L  CROWNHILL WOMEN’S                                                                                                                SECTION

9.   POLISH NAVY VETERANS                                                  10.   R B L  ST BUDEAUX WOMEN’                                                                                                              SECTION

10  RUSSIAN CONVOY CLUB                                                    11.   R B L  PLYMPTON WOMEN’S                                                                                                              SECTION

11.           MARITIME VOLUNTARY SERVICE                                                                    




                GROUP D                -  AIR FORCE ASSOCIATIONS                              GROUP C  -  BRITISH ARMY


1.    ROYAL AIR FORCE ASSOC                                   1.           ROYAL TANK REGT. ASSOC

2.    R A F REGT. COMRADES ASSOC                          2.           ROYAL ARTILLERY ASSOC


4.   AIRCREW ASSOC                                                   4.           DEVONSHIRE REGT ASSOC

5.   ROYAL OBSERVER CORPS ASSOC                        5.           DEVON & DORSET REGT ASSOC

                                                                                      6.           LIGHT INFANTRY PLYMOUTH &                                                                                                      DISTRICT

                                                                                      7.           ROYAL GLOUCESTERS,  BERKSHIRE                                                                                                      &  WILTSHIRE ASSOC (L.I)

                                                                                      8.           R A S C & R C T ASSOC

                                                                                      9.           A T S & W  R A C ASSOC

                                                                                    10.           PARACHUTE REGT ASSOC                                                                                                      STH.DEVON

                                                                                    11.           COLDSREAM GUARDS ASSOC


GROUP F - OTHER ASSOCIATIONS                                                     GROUP E - CAMPAIGN ASSOCIATIONS             


1.  WEST COUNTRY AMBULANCE SERVICE NHS TRUST        1.    B E F VETERANS DUNKIRK                                                                                                               ASSOCIATION

2.  SOCIETY OF ST GEORGE                                                        2.    FIRST ARMY ASSOCIATION

3.  WOMENS ROYAL VOLUNTARY SERVICE                                                                                          

                                                                                                       3.    BURMA STAR ASSOCIATION

4.  WOMENS LAND ARMY                                                          

                                                                                                       4.    FAR EAST PRISONERS OF WAR

5.  WAR WIDOWS ASSOC                                                             5.    NORMANDY VETERANS ASSOC

6.  RETIRED POLICE OFFICERS                                                  6.    PLY & S W  MALAYA &                                                                                                                 BORNEO VETERANS ASSOC               

                                                                                                      7.   BRITISH KOREANS VETERANS                                                                                                              ASSOC

                                                                                                      8.    NATIONAL MALAYA &                                                                                                                BORNEO VETERANS

                                                                                                      9.   ADEN VETERANS ASSOC


GROUP H - THE BRITISH ARMY                                                          GROUP G - THE ROYAL NAVY


1.   29 CDO REGT R.A.                                                                           1.    HMS DRAKE


2.   300 TROOP 131 INDEP CDO SQDN ROYAL ENGINEERS             2.    HMS RALEIGH      


3.   383 PETROLEUM TROOP ROYAL LOGISTIC CORPS                   3.   HMS VIVID ROYAL                                                                                                                        NAVAL.RESERVE

4.   A COY. 4TH  BATTALION DEVON & DORSETS                            4.    M O D HOSPITAL UNIT,                                                                                                                          DERRIFORD

5.   C SQDN 443(WESSEX) FIELD HOSPITAL                                      5.    3 CDO BRIGADE / 42                                                                                                                         COMMANDO R.M.


                                                                                GROUP J - ROYAL AIR FORCE


                                                                                                 1.          PLYMOUTH CAREERS OFFICE




1.    THE HOME FRONT   (Mrs W PARSONS)                        2.           DEVON & CORNWALL                                                                                                                  CONSTABULARY          

3.    DEVON & CORNWALL SPECIAL CONSTABULARY     4.           MINISTRY OF DEFENCE                                                                                                                 POLICE SERVICE

5.    DEVON FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE                                  6.           ST JOHN AMBULANCE                                                                                                                 PLYMOUTH & SE DEVON


7.   BRITISH RED CROSS                                                        8.            R N L I  PLYMOUTH LIFE                                                                                                                 BOAT

9.   SALVATION ARMY                                                        10.           MARITIME VOLUNTEER                                                                                                                SERVICE


 11. BRISTISH TRANSPORT POLICE                                                                                                                  




COLOUR  PARTY OF THE U S A -                                         1.           SEA CADET CORPS

JOINT MARITIME FACILITY    ST.  MAWGAN                       

                                                                                                  2.          SEA CADET CORPS - RM                                                                                                                 CADET SECTION          

                                                                                                  3.          DEVON ARMY CADET FORCE


                                                                                                  4.          TORPOINT ARMY CADET                                                                                                                 FORCE

                                                                                                  5.          PLYMOUTH AND CORNWALL                                                                                                                 WING - AIR TRAINING CORPS


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